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Christian News & Grace Links for 7/1/21!

[We’re only reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

Christian News:

Demi-Leigh Tebow Shares Terrifying Experience of Nearly Being Kidnapped by 5 Armed Men https://t.ly/uSKU

Is God Really the One Behind ‘The Chosen,’ as the Creator of the Series Declares? https://t.ly/nWty

David Jeremiah: 'Exvangelical' Phenomenon 'Could Be the Beginning Stages' of End Times https://t.ly/vi9H | Millions skipped church during pandemic. Will they return? https://t.ly/LmMd

THE GREAT DECEPTION IS COMING… And Terry James Believes A UFO Set-Up Is About To Become “THE GREAT END-TIMES LIE” https://t.ly/UpkE | Whole Foods to roll out Mark of the Beast biometric palm scanning payment technology across its U.S. stores https://t.ly/x3U2 | Starting August 20th, Abu Dhabi Will Be Closing Nearly All Public Areas to People Who Have Not Been Vaccinated with the Covid-19 Vaccine https://t.ly/S1gk

Southern Baptist Elites May Be Woke, But Southern Baptists Are Not https://t.ly/JC2n

See Them Here! A Smorgasborg of Plagiarized Sermons from SBC President Ed Litton https://t.ly/nFDE | Al Mohler Responds to Sermongate Controversy; ‘One of the Most Despicable Practices I can Imagine’ https://t.ly/wWGY | SERMONGATE: Ed Litton lies to the Washington Times https://t.ly/U4TO | Sermongate coverup: Redemption Church defends hiding Ed Litton’s sermons https://t.ly/mwx9 | SERMONGATE: And Another! New Videos Show Ed Litton Copying J.D. Greear, again https://t.ly/jiFo | ANOTHER: Justin Peters finds Ed Litton plagiarizing a woman in latest Sunday sermon https://t.ly/Tl5L | Southern Baptist President Plagiarizes Romans 14 Sermon in Endless Sermongate Scandal https://t.ly/8lMs

Top Republicans press IRS after Christian group rejected for nonprofit status https://t.ly/dt29

More Bodies found at another church-run Canadian school that housed Indigenous children https://t.ly/SxyP | Fire Blazes Yet Another Canadian Church, Sparking Suspicion Of Possible Anti-Catholic Hate Crime https://t.ly/oJ7N | Canadian Churches on First Nations Land Are Burning https://t.ly/GKkS | Suspicious fire engulfs historic St. Jean Baptiste Church in Canada… https://t.ly/p8Cr | If You Only Listen To Corporate Media, You’d Never Know Churches Are Burning Down https://t.ly/8SdL

UK-based Methodist Church votes to approve gay marriage, recognize cohabitating couples https://t.ly/0e6P | Heartbreak and Hallelujahs as Methodists vote to allow same sex marriage https://t.ly/VW5W | Evangelicals ready to walk as Methodist Church approves same-sex marriage https://t.ly/21Ly | A 'gender neutral marriage canon' for the Church of England? https://t.ly/m7Id | Pastor reveals how he followed Jesus 'away from gay' https://t.ly/k9jt | Sorry kids, no crisps or chocolate, but sex is fine https://t.ly/yWPN

Disney Removes ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls’ From Park Greeting Ahead of Fireworks https://t.ly/6kt9 | Babylon Bee: To Appease China, Disney Changes Name Of Boba Fett's Ship From 'Slave I' To 'Uyghur Slave I' https://t.ly/DOZa | Babylon Bee: Disney Replaces Problematic Slave Leia With Burka Leia https://t.ly/h15N

Christian fostering agency bids to overturn ‘heterosexual couples’ policy ruling https://t.ly/J0WK | We’ll Tell You What ‘60 Minutes+’ Won’t About How Transgender Movement Endangers Kids https://t.ly/qsEO | New Jersey Supreme Court to Hear Case of Catholic School Teacher Fired for Pre-Marital Pregnancy https://t.ly/AhcG

TLC cancels ‘Counting On’ after 11 seasons following Josh Duggar child porn charges https://t.ly/ZKEo

Amish put faith in God’s will and herd immunity over vaccine https://t.ly/Vl9d

Casting Crowns asks for prayer after drummer's motorcycle accident https://t.ly/MxRs

Modern-Day Martyr: Meet The Self-Made Billionaire Who Is Sacrificing It All For God https://t.ly/iTBo

India's Christians are facing an 'existential threat' - Open Doors https://t.ly/HIAK | Over 400 Church of the Almighty God Members Arrested amid Chinese Communist Party's 100th Anniversary https://t.ly/hlK4 | 1000+ Church of Almighty God Members Arrested https://t.ly/QhpM | Chinese Communism at 100: alive and well, but could Christianity be its ultimate undoing? https://t.ly/v1vM | Iranian Christians sentenced to 5 years in prison over 'propaganda' https://t.ly/bOHi | Muslim Parents Sue School after Teacher Allegedly Helped Their Daughter to Convert to Christianity https://t.ly/z2gk |

'Ambush': Bomber Attacks Church Service in Democratic Republic of Congo https://t.ly/sp2W | Early Rain Covenant Church Family Welcomed to the United States https://t.ly/rx55 | Iran Sentences Christian Converts Under New Sectarianism Law https://t.ly/oeSX | Hindu Leaders in Northern India Seek Ways to Prevent Religious Conversions https://t.ly/RPHj | Singapore Church Collaborates with Tech Companies to Reduce Online Radicalism https://t.ly/04Ap

Iran's Christian Boom https://t.ly/RA5T

How December 25 Became Christmas https://t.ly/Jru1

Babylon Bee CEO says satirical site ‘punching back’ against liberal media, Big Tech censorship https://t.ly/V3Pl | Babylon Bee Following Jesus: Pros And Cons https://t.ly/pXka | NFL Introduces Rainbow Flag For Refs To Throw When Players Aren't Being Gay Enough https://t.ly/xt3n | NFL Clarifies That The Entire League Isn't Gay, Just The Dallas Cowboys https://t.ly/WJNQ

Lessons From Livy on How Great Civilizations Rise and Fall https://t.ly/fq8q | Fear Not https://t.ly/5RVg


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Don Hosfeld on Gen. 49 https://t.ly/aiTc

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