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Christian News & Grace Links for 8/30/21!

[We’re simply reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

Gab’s new No Vax Mandate Job Board https://t.ly/sHey

Harvard’s New Chaplain is a Professed ‘Atheist’ — and ‘Good Without God’ https://t.ly/edeF | ‘We don’t look to a god for answers' https://t.ly/OwVP

‘I Was a Very Happy Atheist’: How a French Woman Came to the US and Found Christ https://t.ly/vagh | Olympic champion recalls turning to God after 'traumatic abortion' https://t.ly/za19

Showing Jesus: Christians offer physical, spiritual help after historic flooding in TN https://t.ly/RcfL

Christian Schools Vastly Outperforming Public Schools During COVID-19, According to New Survey of Parents https://t.ly/wQW8 | Elementary Teacher ‘Misplaces’ American Flag, Has Kids Pledge Allegiance to Trans Pride Flag Instead https://t.ly/TAQy | ‘It’s Not Even Catholic Anymore’: How Parents Turned on a Florida Christian School for Allegedly Embracing ‘Woke’ Ideology https://t.ly/ADKU | United Methodist Leaders Urge Churches to End Boy Scout Charters for Now https://t.ly/JGRe | 'Unapologetically Christian' alternative to Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts see big membership increases https://t.ly/NlKs

Christian Rock Band Skillet Won’t Play At Venues Requiring COVID Vaccinations https://t.ly/T0F3

Daniel Darling Fired from NRB After Pro-Vaccine Remarks https://t.ly/EswS | Violated vaccine-neutral policy: https://t.ly/GgUc | A Written Agreement https://t.ly/Y6Tw | NRB CEO Responds to Dan Darling Firing: “Is it Wrong for the CEO to Expect his Employees To Follow Instructions?” https://t.ly/ImyJ

Major Denomination Make it Mandatory for Clergy to be Vaccinated, Dissidents to be Fired https://t.ly/hzaX | Church leaders tell Boris Johnson: do not introduce Covid-19 vaccine passports https://t.ly/yImw | John MacArthur and Wife Diagnosed with COVID-19 https://t.ly/qtrv | John MacArthur’s Church Set to Win $800,000 Settlement From County For Shutdown Scheme https://t.ly/piqm | Jesse Jackson moved to rehab facility but wife remains in ICU in Covid battle https://t.ly/ccay | Canadian Christian fights back against lockdowns: ‘I will defend the honour of our country’ https://t.ly/FDPG | Russell Moore Feeling 'Much Better' after Catching Breakthrough COVID-19 https://t.ly/a6Vw | New York ends religious exemption for COVID vaccine mandate: 450,000 healthcare workers affected https://t.ly/qlW3 | NY Times Reporter: 'Imaginative Contrarians' Needed for Crazy Christians on COVID https://t.ly/cigg

Are we more free to sell porn than to speak the truth? https://t.ly/vpfd

Teaching beside the sea: Boat church draws a crowd at state park in Virginia Beach https://t.ly/blym | A South Carolina pastor quit his church. His followers revolted to get him back. https://t.ly/Cu5l | Church of Scotland appoints first ever dedicated minister for the veterinary community https://t.ly/tsHK

‘God Lives in a Cube of Gelatin?’ Have We Found Someone Crazier than our Favorite Charismatic Prophetess? https://t.ly/KDQO | Charismatic Prophetess Reveals Existence of ‘Fake Hell’/ ‘Mock Hell’ Where Children and ‘Women who Wear Blue Jeans’ Go https://t.ly/ApUn | Kanye West Sets Himself On Fire For ‘Donda’ Listening Party, Then Invites Satanic Singer Marilyn Manson To Join Him On Stage https://t.ly/UNl0 | Kenneth Copeland, Once Again Says He Saw COVID-19 Destroyed in Strange Vision From God https://t.ly/qVUx | Ed Litton Says the Reason He Plagiarized is That He is “Intimidated by the Book of Romans” https://t.ly/PIEJ

Suicide of pastor’s wife illuminates silent, deadly ‘public health crisis’ among mothers https://t.ly/htcX

Canadian Imam Calls for West to Submit to Taliban: Christian and Jews Are ‘Our Enemies’ https://t.ly/ntnX

Bishop TD Jakes' United MegaCARE Meets Urgent Needs of Haitians Still Recovering From Deadly Quake https://t.ly/eABx

Glenn Beck, Samaritan's Purse helping Christians 'marked for death' flee Afghanistan https://t.ly/7xHw | Are churches & Christian charities helping resettle terrorists? https://t.ly/1k5h | Biden White House and State Department blocking rescue of Christians from Afghanistan https://t.ly/R3gp | 'By the grace of God': How a U.S. veteran's wife fled Afghanistan https://t.ly/lB91 | Why are Christians and other religious minorities not being prioritised in Afghan resettlement programme, asks peer https://t.ly/ccKw | Christians in Afghanistan are already being killed by the Taliban, says religious freedom expert https://t.ly/CgCU

North Korea's 'campaign to exterminate' Christians 'has been brutally effective' – report https://t.ly/hRbC | 16-year-old boy suffers burns over 60% of his body in suspected anti-Christian attack https://t.ly/nK5r | Christian Boy Suffers Acid Attack in India https://t.ly/ooI5 | Christian Trapped, Brutally Murdered By Muslim Relatives For Leaving Islam https://t.ly/COQZ | Afghan Christian in Canada Expresses Concern for Underground Church in Afghanistan https://t.ly/45WM | Christians Killed by Jihadists During Curfew Imposed by Nigeria Government https://t.ly/GDn7

Archaeology Confirms 50 Real People in the Bible https://t.ly/Oxxx | 83 Real Bible People https://t.ly/rM4l


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Grace Articles:

C.R. Stam on Mercy Upon All https://t.ly/qpJl

Ricky Kurth on You Can’t Judge a Woman by Her Cover https://t.ly/Q2ui | Did the She Bear Kill Little Children? https://t.ly/O8gB


A Few Grace Videos:

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Pastor Fred’s Not Ashamed of the Gospel https://t.ly/AySF

Pastor Hal addresses “If ye continue in the faith” https://t.ly/6JIe

Bryan Ross on 3 Needs of Every Child https://t.ly/u3H1 | Codex Sinaiticus Research Update: Conspiracies, Uspenskey, & An Earthquake https://t.ly/PeO4

Steve Ross on Demas and Others https://t.ly/xocW

Steve Atwood on Mankind from Paul’s Perspective (audio) https://t.ly/fvFx

David Reid on Satan’s Doom https://t.ly/Qqoo

David O’Steen in Acts 5 https://t.ly/EclH | Blessings Brought by the Blood https://t.ly/Tc8I

Bob Picard on The (Dis) Obedience of Paul? https://t.ly/VaD8

Josh Strelecki on The Wisdom of God https://t.ly/LWDE

Greg Resor is all about Giving in Grace https://t.ly/7QaJ

Des talks some more about healing https://t.ly/Vy2B

Ricky Jr. on Rom. 8:28-30 https://t.ly/I2Of

Russ Hargett on Paul’s Authority https://t.ly/mduH

Kevin Hobbs https://t.ly/ZapU | https://t.ly/OGqa

Don Hosfeld https://t.ly/7Fir

John Verstegen https://t.ly/QufY


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