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Christian News & Grace Links for 9/20/21! PTL!

[We’re simply reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

The Great Reset vs. God’s Greater Reset https://t.ly/dPWu

Psychologists Are Learning What Religion Has Known for Years https://t.ly/77Xf | Christian Nonprofit Launches Massive Campaign Protecting Kids From The Harmful Effects Of Porn https://t.ly/GyhM

Roger Stone shares dramatic testimony, says God saved him for a reason: 'I was doomed' https://t.ly/IjU0

'No Good Ethical Argument' for Biden Vaccine Mandate, Says Christian Medical Group VP https://t.ly/AydS | SBC Megachurch Pastor “There is NO Credible Religious Argument Against the Vaccines” https://t.ly/e0PX | NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Rejects Religious Exemptions for COVID-19 Vaccines, Urges Facebook to Censor Pro-Life Posts https://t.ly/iQsl | The Gospel Coalition Argues For Vaccine Passports To Attend Church https://t.ly/Tnfz | Planned Camps in Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the United States https://t.ly/8RGa | ‘Where Does It Stop?’: Disney World Employees Protest Company’s Vaccine Mandate https://t.ly/saP6 | Denver Nursing Student Kicked From Program After School Reneged On Religious Exemption For COVID Vaccine https://t.ly/PYvN | CNN Expert: Faith Can Kill, So Biden Admin Needs 'Guidelines' for Religious Vaccine Exemptions https://t.ly/urx9 | Could They go Back to Jail? Alberta Pastors James Coates and Tim Stephens Face Renewed Persecution as they Defy Gov’t https://t.ly/I31z

Vaccines in your salad? Scientists growing medicine-filled plants to replace injections https://t.ly/RYP9

Christian leaders sign Multi-Faith Declaration on Climate Change https://t.ly/1O7E

Multi-trillion-dollar spending plan will devastate religious liberty and the US economy https://t.ly/iG2X

Facebook funding Southern Baptist research https://t.ly/patT | Facebook Deletes German Anti-Lockdown Groups As New Censorship Rules Go Into Effect https://t.ly/nrfH

Evangelist Alveda King to Share Pro-Life Curriculum with Churches, Schools under New Organization https://t.ly/iw6r

Forget 5G, China Leads The 6G Charge https://t.ly/mW6J

UK Christian Watchdog Warns Welsh Pastors Could Be Prosecuted Under 'Conversion Therapy' Ban https://t.ly/oG4M

Hillsong's Brian Houston, Facing Charges, Steps Down from Church's Boards https://t.ly/woRM | Brian Houston Steps Down from 18 of 19 Hillsong Entities https://t.ly/2qIt | Ed Litton’s White Collar Lies https://t.ly/zQHB | Hillsong Responds to 60 Minutes Sex-Scandal Exposé: Denies Everything https://t.ly/wbuT | Charismatic Prophetess Says After People Die, They have One Final Chance to Accept Christ https://t.ly/xZql | Alabama Pastrixes Dress up As ‘Handmaids’ to Protest Texas Anti-abortion Law https://t.ly/del1 | Christian author Josh McDowell apologizes for comments about Black, minority families https://t.ly/6adA

ICC Publishes a Report on Criminal Sharia Law in Nigeria https://t.ly/1tMB | Taliban are carrying out mass executions, says Christian missionary helping Afghans https://t.ly/W4Rx | Persecution watchdog documents over 100 incidents of China’s crackdown on Christians in 1 year https://t.ly/Bfiq | U.N. Human Rights Council asked to protect life of innocent Christian https://t.ly/WFcF | Christian group urges public to join campaign demanding Cuba release pastor jailed for protesting regime https://t.ly/lP1s


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Grace Articles:

Kevin Sadler: If Paul Wrote a Letter to Yo