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Christian News & Grace Links for 9/27/21!

[We’re simply reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

Jordan Valley Authority reveals cause of water near Dead Sea turning red

18- to 34-year-olds more likely to pray than over 55s, survey finds

Newsom Signs Bill Allowing Children to Hide Abortions, Transgender Treatments from Parents | Christian fostering agency will ask Supreme Court to reject state-imposed definition of ‘evangelical’ | Children at risk if Welsh Government bans ‘conversion therapy’ | UK Court Upholds Law Allowing Late-Term Abortions for Babies With Down Syndrome | Woman with Down Syndrome Vows to 'Keep on Fighting' After Losing Case Challenging UK Abortion Law | School to students: Play-act sex scenarios as a transgender, or homosexual | ‘Do Not Interrupt My Time!’: Mom Unloads on ‘Pedophilia’ in High School Library

How Christianity Elevated Women Through Education

Pennsylvania university threatens disciplinary action against students who 'misuse' pronouns

Supreme Court asked to reverse Colorado's attack on Christian web designer | 10th Circuit Court Rules Against Religious Liberty for Artists Like Me

New Bill Turns Over Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter, Western Wall and Christian Holy Sites to Palestinians

Catholic radio program dropped from Florida station for anti-COVID vaccine stance | Fauci targets church choirs, says singers spread COVID | Leaked docs reveal military plans to grill soldiers over religious vaccine exemption | AAPS Director Emphasizes Americans’ Right To Take Ivermectin For COVID | Medical Professionals And Health Workers Expose COVID-Related Hospital Abuses | Federal Government Nurse Reveals COVID Vaccine Side Effects She Witnessed And The Lack Of Reporting On It | Bereaved Pastor Speaks Out Following Son's Death A Day After Receiving The Pfizer Jab

Is It Time for the American Church to Grow Up?

March for the Martyrs: Christians gather to 'rise up as one voice for the persecuted Church' | Facebook is banning Christians but allowing sex traffickers on platform, says Movieguide’s Ted Baehr

‘Moses’ stripped from film title to avoid offending China’s communist regime

Relevant Magainze: “The Church Should Listen to non-Christians in order to Understand how we can be a Light to the World”

SBC Executive Committee Agrees to Pay for Abuse Review, Stalls on Waiving Privilege | Pastor Says Jesus Hasn't Returned Because People Haven't Donated Enough Cash | Kenneth Copeland asks for money for private jet to avoid vaccine mandates: 'The mark of the beast' | Pastors, SBTS Professors Call for SBC Prez. Ed Litton to Resign | Did you Know that Bethel Church Kids Go on Satanic Treasure Hunts? | J.D. Greear Uses Epic Bible Twist to Explain why Parable is Actually about ‘Social Justice’ and ‘Older Brother Privilege’ | Kent ‘Dr. Dino’ Hovind Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail for Domestic Assault | Hillsong is from Hell, Be Glad It’s Falling Apart | German cardinal takes a break after report details failures in handling sex abuse cases | Oklahoma father beats up pastor accused of inappropriately touching 9-year-old son at bus stop

Indian pastor, 4 others arrested on false charges of forced conversions | Five Christians in India’s Uttar Pradesh State Arrested On False Forced Conversion Charges | Man Given Gun to “Go and Kill Christians” in Nigeria | Iranian Christians: Released, Imprisoned, and Missing | Twelve Incidents of Persecution Documented Against Pakistani Christian Women and Girls in Two Months | Chinese Material for Students Cannot “Propagate Religious Teachings” | Sexology, CCP Style | Christians living in fear as Taliban carries out executions, amputations as punishments | North Korea portrays Christians as blood-sucking monsters, murderers, spies to deter faith | Taliban Official Claims Brutal Punishments and Executions Will Return to Afghanistan | Elderly Christian Woman Beaten for Housing Converts from Islam


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Ricky Kurth on Do You Worship At Your Church? | Which Name of the Lord?

C.R. Stam on A Free Gift For You


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Bob Picard on From Saul To Paul: From The Kingdom of Darkness To The Kingdom of Light - Acts 22:1-21

Josh Strelecki’s Conference | Panel!

Tom Bruscha’s 2021 GBC Conference

Steve Ross looked great talking about the Feasts

Des Strydom on Resisting the Government

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Randy White talks about pyramids

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