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Christian News & Grace Links for 9/27/21!

[We’re simply reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

Jordan Valley Authority reveals cause of water near Dead Sea turning red https://t.ly/cF97

18- to 34-year-olds more likely to pray than over 55s, survey finds https://t.ly/i4TH

Newsom Signs Bill Allowing Children to Hide Abortions, Transgender Treatments from Parents https://t.ly/uz98 | Christian fostering agency will ask Supreme Court to reject state-imposed definition of ‘evangelical’ https://t.ly/Pssb | Children at risk if Welsh Government bans ‘conversion therapy’ https://t.ly/qXPX | UK Court Upholds Law Allowing Late-Term Abortions for Babies With Down Syndrome https://t.ly/hj7q | Woman with Down Syndrome Vows to 'Keep on Fighting' After Losing Case Challenging UK Abortion Law https://t.ly/9owF | School to students: Play-act sex scenarios as a transgender, or homosexual https://t.ly/klga | ‘Do Not Interrupt My Time!’: Mom Unloads on ‘Pedophilia’ in High School Library https://t.ly/nCPS

How Christianity Elevated Women Through Education https://t.ly/ZxHd

Pennsylvania university threatens disciplinary action against students who 'misuse' pronouns https://t.ly/p5Lx

Supreme Court asked to reverse Colorado's attack on Christian web designer https://t.ly/HNv9 | 10th Circuit Court Rules Against Religious Liberty for Artists Like Me https://t.ly/u3yz

New Bill Turns Over Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter, Western Wall and Christian Holy Sites to Palestinians https://t.ly/1j7l

Catholic radio program dropped from Florida station for anti-COVID vaccine stance https://t.ly/V3B1 | Fauci targets church choirs, says singers spread COVID https://t.ly/uf6Q | Leaked docs reveal military plans to grill soldiers over religious vaccine exemption https://t.ly/qgsY | AAPS Director Emphasizes Americans’ Right To Take Ivermectin For COVID https://t.ly/MTwF | Medical Professionals And Health Workers Expose COVID-Related Hospital Abuses https://t.ly/Q31C | Federal Government Nurse Reveals COVID Vaccine Side Effects She Witnessed And The Lack Of Reporting On It https://t.ly/1toT9 | Bereaved Pastor Speaks Out Following Son's Death A Day After Receiving The Pfizer Jab https://t.ly/GF3s

Is It Time for the American Church to Grow Up? https://t.ly/f7NT

March for the Martyrs: Christians gather to 'rise up as one voice for the persecuted Church' https://t.ly/tNdZ | Facebook is banning Christians but allowing sex traffickers on platform, says Movieguide’s Ted Baehr https://t.ly/4Sp3

‘Moses’ stripped from film title to avoid offending China’s communist regime https://t.ly/uuZT

Relevant Magainze: “The Church Should Listen to non-Christians in order to Understand how we can be a Light to the World” https://t.ly/lw1l

SBC Executive Committee Agrees to Pay for Abuse Review, Stalls on Waiving Privilege https://t.ly/aww0 | Pastor Says Jesus Hasn't Returned Because People Haven't Donated Enough Cash https://t.ly/IRGn | Kenneth Copeland asks for money for private jet to avoid vaccine mandates: 'The mark of the beast' https://t.ly/KfNp | Pastors, SBTS Professors Call for SBC Prez. Ed Litton to Resign https://t.ly/V5UW | Did you Know that Bethel Church Kids Go on Satanic Treasure Hunts? https://t.ly/57xgn | J.D. Greear Uses Epic Bible Twist to Explain why Parable is Actually about ‘Social Justice’ and ‘Older Brother Privilege’ https://t.ly/WzxW | Kent ‘Dr. Dino’ Hovind Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail for Domestic Assault https://t.ly/7AJt | Hillsong is from Hell, Be Glad It’s Falling Apart https://t.ly/Ubta | German cardinal takes a break after report details failures in handling sex abuse cases https://t.ly/24yA | Oklahoma father beats up pastor accused of inappropriately touching 9-year-old son at bus stop https://t.ly/stdO

Indian pastor, 4 others arrested on false charges of forced conversions https://t.ly/N8xJ | Five Christians in India’s Uttar Pradesh State Arrested On False Forced Conversion Charges https://t.ly/qiF1 | Man Given Gun to “Go and Kill Christians” in Nigeria https://t.ly/2e61 | Iranian Christians: Released, Imprisoned, and Missing https://t.ly/aTby | Twelve Incidents of Persecution Documented Against Pakistani Christian Women and Girls in Two Months https://t.ly/8LAF | Chinese Material for Students Cannot “Propagate Religious Teachings” https://t.ly/mvGk | Sexology, CCP Style https://t.ly/2UR9 | Christians living in fear as Taliban carries out executions, amputations as punishments https://t.ly/CfQb | North Korea portrays Christians as blood-sucking monsters, murderers, spies to deter faith https://t.ly/ha7m | Taliban Official Claims Brutal Punishments and Executions Will Return to Afghanistan https://t.ly/VBN2 | Elderly Christian Woman Beaten for Housing Converts from Islam https://t.ly/S07l


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C.R. Stam on A Free Gift For You https://t.ly/E5ps


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Steve Ross looked great talking about the Feasts https://t.ly/EahC

Des Strydom on Resisting the Government https://t.ly/3gNK

Jordan on Salvation/Damnation https://t.ly/R5sQ

Greg Willis on Worthy https://t.ly/na2E

David O’Steen on Acts 7 https://t.ly/Pv7i

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