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Nancy Paulson

I honestly do not know much about Nancy Paulson, except that I really love her articles. I get the impression she might have been under Duane Gallantine’s ministry over at the Twin Cities Grace Fellowship. She manages the now-classic Berean Workman website, which a lot of people new to grace may not know about. Nancy would go to grace conferences, take notes, and then turn her notes into wonderful articles, which she posted on her website. Or she would read a book, take notes, and turn that into an article. And they truly are wonderful articles.


I loved her article on How to Deal with Sin in which she highlights the Replacement Principle, that is, replacing that sin with the new man and the life of Christ in us. She said, “The life of Christ is not a mysterious, magical, mystical thing. God gave us a visible, tangible, identifiable contact with the life of Christ. We have an objective standard, which is the written Word of God. The Bible, unlike other books, is alive. The life of Christ resides in the words.” Amen!


I contacted Nancy by e-mail and got her permission to repost her articles to hopefully expose her wonderful writing ministry to new people in grace. I pray they will be a blessing to you as they have been to me.


Joel Hayes

Associate Pastor

Able Ministers of New Testament

All Things New


Attack on God's Word as Final Authority


Baptism Purification Unto Sanctification and a New Identity




Bride of Christ


Brief Outline of 1 Corinthians


Called to the Ministry


Changes When the Prophetic Program Resumes

Charity - A More Excellent Way


Comparing Israel with the Body of Christ


Convicted of Sin


Differences in the Bible


Different Baptisms


Dispensation of the Grace of God Given To Paul


Divine Intervention


Do You Have the Gift


Does the Grace Message Belittle Christ


Faith In Faith or Faith In God


Five Kinds Of Death


Giving the Devil His Due


Gods Grace For Such a Time as This


God's Will


Grace Works


Healing and Miracles


Heart of the Gospel


How Do We Follow Jesus Today


How To Deal With Sin


How to Understand the Bible


In Christ Before Me


Justification of Abraham


Light to the Gentiles


Making Wise Choices


Methods I Use to Study


More Than One Gospel


New You


Order of Paul's Letters


Our Walk In Him


Parable of the Ten Virgins


Past Present Future


Paul and Jesus Compared


Peace With God




Praying in the Spirit


Pre-Adamic Man


Redeeming the Time


Repentance From Sin


Rightly Divide the Word of Truth


Roman Road to Salvation


Roman Road to Service


Romans 11 - the Olive Tree


Salvation God's Way


Salvation Terminology


Satan's Policy of Evil


Satan's Wise Plan


Saved By Grace


Signs and Wonders In Israel


Study to Show Thyself Approved


The Christian Life


The Genius of God's Plan


The Gift of Faith


The Gift of Prophecy


The Gift of Suffering


The Gift of Tongues and Today


The Glory of God's Grace


The Gospel of Christ


The Gospel of God


The Heart of An Evangelist


The Longsuffering of Our Lord and The Delay of His Second Coming


The Real Power of God


The Second Coming of Elijah


The Two-fold Purpose of Abraham


The Will of the Devil For You




Two Main Divisions


Two Ways


Understanding Bible Versions


Understanding Prayer - Pray In The Spirit


Understanding Prayer - Pray With Understanding

Understanding Right Division


Understanding the Grace Alternative


Using The Law Lawfully


What About Circumstances


What Apostasy Appears


What is the Grace Message


What is the Kingdom Message


What is the Mystery


What It Means To Rightly Divide the Scriptures


What Must I Do To Be Saved


When Did the Wall Fall


Where Do Tongues Come From Today


Where Will You Spend Eternity


Which Jesus Do You Preach


Why the Mystery


Why was Paul Baptized


Wisdom of the World

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